City of Refuge

Brick+Mortar is proud to partner with City of Refuge for our candle production. 

This was a fifteen year long dream that became a reality in early 2021 through our jobs program with City of Refuge. The goal was to scale a product to provide jobs for marginalized communities here in Atlanta, and when candles became the main part of our business we knew that was the product to scale.

  • How We Help

    How We Help

    We come alongside residents at City of Refuge and teach them how to pour and package our candles. The opportunity that comes with a job not only provides dignity, but also provides a line on their resume, money in their bank account, and a stepping stone towards self-sufficiency.

  • How You Can Help

    How You Can Help

    Every purchase you make from Brick+Mortar supports our jobs program at City of Refuge so every purchase has an impact that goes beyond our business. There are also many opportunities to volunteer on campus at City of Refuge. You can find out more information about volunteering here.

Words from our Friends

"I love working with Brick+Mortar. It's therapeutic to make candles and sample the different scents. It's very soothing to my soul. Not only do candles help me in a few different ways, like being able to ground myself, but I also see it as a form of aromatherapy. Very satisfying and therapeutic to the soul! I also meet a lot of interesting people."

"Brick and Mortar is more than just a job to me. I love what I do here because I see more knowledge and growth in myself. I feel a lot more open in my ability to talk with people who come in asking about the candles on tours or wholesale accounts picking up orders. It's therapeutic and has taught me to do the things you love, become a leader, and not to give up on your dreams. David and Emma are the best bosses and genuinely care about their HOC employees. It's a peaceful work environment and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this."