Moss Playlist


Our next playlist in the series is for one of our most popular candles Moss. For this one our employee Molly came up with the playlist.

Moss has been a fan favorite since we first started making candles and is made up of Sage, Orange and Musk. The scent is a really nice blend of brightness from the citrus notes but it also has a warm tone from the sage and musk notes. Moss is great for setting a warm atmosphere in your home that is also bright and cheery. The music Molly chose for this one is perfect for a slow morning getting ready for the day, maybe making some coffee, maybe reading a book. Burning our Moss candle and playing this playlist invites you to slow down and relax. During each playlist rotation the featured candle will be on sale for 25% off and you can pick up the Moss one here!

moss mood board.PNG