Forest Playlist


Our newest employee, Heana Park, came up with the brilliant idea to make a playlist for each scent we make. The idea is to have a playlist that you can play while burning each scent to create a mood in your home. The vibe for each scent will be interpreted through a playlist by several different employees along with a mood board that corresponds with each playlist/scent. We hope you enjoy each playlist we hope it will enhance your experience with our candles!

First up is Forest which is made up of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint. It has a very herby, crisp and fresh scent like walking through a forest in the morning. It’s great for lightening up a room or for early mornings getting your day started. The music Heana chose for this one goes great for waking up at 6am in a cabin in the forest, drinking your coffee and getting your day started before everyone wakes up.