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Chris and Katie are one heck of a creative team. They own a photography business called 6 Of Four and a letterpress business called Farmwood Press and have two kids and manage to have one of the most peaceful homes I've been in. Not sure how they do it, but I'm thankful they took the time to snap some photos of their home. 

The painting in the entry was from a local artist and it's of the area around her parent's home in Canada. 


Their tv stand piece is a cedar chest from Chris' family

This roll top desk was a gift from Chris to Katie


The beams in the keeping room off the kitchen are ones Katie's grandfather pulled out of old barns in Iowa

The rocking chair in their room was Katie's graduation present from her parents

Their daughter's bed was Katie's as a child

Their daughter's bed was Katie's as a child


Chris and Katie Torres



We own 6 of Four. A photography company in Atlanta focusing on weddings and portraits. A majority of our weddings are outside of the city in Highlands or Sea Island. We also own Farmwood Press. A letterpress company that keeps us getting our hands dirty and in the raw creative process.



CT / Marietta, Ga

KT / Dallas, Ga


Current Town:

Mableton, Georgia


Favorite Book:

KT / Bread & Wine

CT / Anything by Seth Godin


Favorite Movie:

KT / Spanglish

CT / Lord of the Rings Series


Favorite Band:

KT / The Lone Bellow

CT / Nickel Creek


Favorite TV Show:

KT / Currently, SUITS

CT / Mad Men


Favorite Restaurant:

KT / King + Duke

CT / Ecco


Favorite place you have traveled to:

Thailand. We have family that live there as missionaries. We went in 2008 and were able to photograph families that had lost everything from the tsunami. They didn't have any history of their families left. We went to some of the islands that were hit hard. Our cousins have been working with them to rebuild their homes and communities. We photographed each family. Then we printed and framed the portraits and hung them on the walls of their primitive homes. It was a great experience to give them a piece of their history back.


Next destination on your list to travel to:

We have been married for eight years and our goal is to take a trip to Europe for our 10th anniversary. We keep debating on which region because we want to see so much. We have a few more years to figure it out while we save for the trip.


What you like about your city:

KT / I love the growing and transforming food scene in Atlanta. There is a lot of innovation here and a great healthy and organic scene. That is huge for me in a healthy and thriving area. 

CT / I love the diversity. From down home deep south roots to people who have transplanted here. Making the city a unique tapestry of people and cultures. 


Reason for moving into current home:

We needed spaces for both of our businesses. We considered and looked into commercial spaces for both companies. With five year commercial leases, build out costs and utilities times two....it just wasn't a wise financial decision. We were also in a place where we needed to plant our roots as a family. We finally settled on moving a few miles outside of the perimeter and building our home. We were able to have our work spaces in our basement and be able to work from home while we are actively raising our family. Not always the easiest, but it is the best of both worlds.


Design origins:

A lot of our home has been pieced together from family pieces, yard sales, Scott's, antique stores, the Mart, or World Market. Most of our inspiration comes from a mix between French Country and Katie's roots of Iowa in a farmhouse feel. Some of the beams in the house come from her family in Iowa. We have a lot of dreams of what we would like to do with our home but we have a strict and small decor budget. It will be a slow process to make it what we dream of but that's just fine. With a family and other priorities in life, it can be a slow process. 


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:

KT / My rolltop desk. Chris is the best gift giver. I have always wanted a roll top desk. Something away from my work desk. A home base to write letters, thank you notes, pay bills, document our children's lives. A place to keep just for me. Last year for my birthday, he surprised me with the desk. I was afraid he might be trying to find one for me. I didn't want him to get the wrong style. It's a big item and I wanted a very specific one. He, of course, did a far better job than I thought he did. He found the perfect one for me. Such a gift of love as he searched until he found it. Much of the gift was not only the desk but his dedication to finding the right one.

Biggest challenges with your space:

Our windows are a huge gift that we didn't really envision in the building process. We knew there were windows but didn't think through how big they would be or how tall. They have added so much light to our space. As photographers, it's a dream space to document your children and family. They are also something that perplexes us for window coverings. If we want to cover them at all. We've covered the front of the house but the back of the house faces woods and we haven't covered them yet. We love the natural light coming in through them they way they are now. We are taking our time in figuring out what to do with them. 

Dream house and city: 

A home perched on cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean in the North West.. A home with open air to feel inspired and alive and open doors to guests who need a place to rest and feel safe.

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