Home Tour / Bob + Lori Butler

Bob and Lori moved up to Nashville last year from Atlanta and have quickly made Nashville their new home. After renovating several homes in Atlanta, Bob bought this brick ranch and transformed it in seven weeks into what it is now. 


Bob + Lori Butler




BB / St Albans, NSW Australia

LB / St Marys, Georgia


Current Town:




Favorite Book:


BB / Fear & Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard    

LB / The Glass Castle


Favorite Movie:


BB / Jacobs Ladder

LB / Bridesmaids


Favorite Band:


BB / Starflyer 59

LB / Josh Garrels


Favorite TV Show:


BB / Breaking Bad

LB / Arrested Development (RIP)


Favorite Restaurant:


BB / Miller Union

LB / Does Chick Fil A count?


Favorite place you have traveled to:


BB / Warrumbungle

LB / Costa Rica

BB + LB / Fiji


Next destination on your list to travel to:


BB/ Moranbah

LB / Italy


What you like about your city:


The optimistic attitude and the friendly people.


Reason for moving into current home:


We liked the neighborhood, the size of the lot and the wooded back yard. Also has very convenient access to the city.


Design origins:


Mid-century case study houses and the Australian bush houses.


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:


BB / I don't really have a favorite or most meaningful thing, but rather, I just enjoy a cohesiveness overall with the many things we have collected in our house.

LB / Two things come to mind:  the black and white self portrait Bob took of us while we were dating and the glass candy dish that had belonged to my grandmother


Biggest challenges with your space:


No carport or garage at the moment…


Dream house and city:


Not sure at this point but somewhere in southeast Australia or by the beach