Stuff I Like / Deyrolle

Deyrolle is one of the most intriguing shops I have been in. I went to Paris for the first time last year with my buddy Patrick and this was one of the first places he took me. I'm not sure if it's the shop itself or if it's Paris but there is something special about this place. The shop was opened in 1831 and since 1881 has been at the same address; 46 Rue du Bac. They specialize in taxidermy and natural history publications and everything they print and make is beautiful. On the bottom floor they have loads of home goods and then when you go upstairs its like you entered into a safe Jumanji. You can buy anything in there from a beetle to a giraffe. I feel like in Paris there is a deeper appreciation for art and food and conversation and books and all the things we tend to rush and pass over. That appreciation almost spills over into this shop. You can see and feel the appreciation for the craft of taxidermy and the history of the company. (excuse the pictures, they are all with my iphone and taken on the sly since they dont allow pictures there)

photo (3).JPG