Home Tour / Ryan + Marta Burleson

Ryan and Marta are friends from Atlanta that moved to Nashville which seems to be a recurring theme in my life. This home is special to me in that they have used several pieces from Brick+Mortar to furnish it.  In the living room they used an old marble accent table, upstairs they used a handmade Afghan area rug, and in the bedroom they used a Paul McCobb chair, all from Brick+Mortar.  Much like Chelsea and Tec's home, they mix modern and old really well. They live in an old home in East Nashville and have made it into a warm and inviting place. They added the upstairs with Marta acting as the contractor and our friend Bob Butler (who's home I'll feature in the next couple of weeks) doing the addition. Like most of the homes I have featured, the thing I like about this one is that it is personal. They didn't just go to Ikea and they didn't just hire random people to work on their home. There's a story to most everything in the home. 


Ryan + Marta Burleson



RB / Music Journalist

MB / Account Director



RB / Panama City, FL

MB / Montreal, QC


Current Town:



Favorite Book:

RB / "Mao II" by Don DeLillo

MB /  Fountainhead. And at the complete opposite spectrum, I really enjoyed The Meaning of Marriage


Favorite Movie:

RB / "When Harry Met Sally"

MB / Amelie


Favorite Band:

RB / My Bloody Valentine

MB / Changes all the time. Been listening to Dustin O'Halloran lately. Good for cold winter days.


Favorite Restaurant:

RB / Wherever the nearest steak and asparagus meal is being served + McDonald's (tie)

MB / Silly Goose in Nashville is my go-to.


Favorite place you have traveled to:

RB / Scottish countryside, Paris, Mexican beaches on the Pacific

MB / Buenos Aires, Morocco, Southern Portugal, Maui, Paris, Swiss Alps, San Francisco & surround area

RB + MB / Banff


Next destination on your list to travel to:

RB / Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Thailand, Argentina, Pacific Northwest

MB / Cuba, South Africa, Southeast Asia


What you like about your city:

Nashville is growing so very quickly right now, so none what follows may be true in 5 - 10 years. But, generally speaking, we love that Nashville is a manageable size yet full of cosmopolitan things to do. (We will regret using "cosmopolitan" later.) Ryan's always thought it's the country's best kept secret in this sense. All sorts of friendly, welcoming, and ridiculously talented people live here, mostly in harmony. And though Nashville can feel one-dimensional at times, it's a far more diverse city than people give it credit for. We also love that we get all four (weather) seasons and that we inhabit the same county as Kelly Clarkson and T. Swift. And the same neighborhood as Fran's Eastside, Village Pub, Silly Goose, Margot's, Mas Tacos, Holland House, Edgefield Sports Bar & Grill, and Barista Parlor.


Reason for moving into current home:

We knew we wanted to be in East Nashville and concentrated our search here. The old floors, tall ceilings and the backyard were what sold us us on this house. Also, the previous owner started remodeling the kitchen and bathroom but left plenty of opportunity for us to put our own touches on the house. He was also planning a second floor addition but had to move before starting it. We inherited the architecture plans and added the second story ourselves. Overall, it's been a really great starter house.  


Design origins:

Marta speaking here. I lean towards mid century, but definitely like to mix and match. My overall goal is for our home to feel warm and reflect our life. My favorite homes are those filled with unique furniture and artwork from people's travels. It takes time to build that kind of home, but we're working on it!


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:

RB / Every morning I get up, let Humphrey out and feed him, brew coffee, and sit down on our blue couch downstairs to read for a half hour or so. This is really the only time during the day that I spend in the living room, but it's my favorite. I'm not the same 'me' without this distraction-less coffee/quiet/reading-something-in-print time. It orients me for the day ahead. And the room is perfect for it.

MB /  I second the blue couch downstairs. I also love our clawfoot tub upstairs. It's the best place to unwind, read, pray, and listen to music in the house for me. The little wood tray is perfect for the glass of wine that typically accompanies me to "tub time".


Biggest challenges with your space:

Nothing major, no. Over time, we've realized that stairs collect dog hair. We'd consider a 1-story house in the future.


Dream house and city:

RB / As long as I have access to my records, music gear, good coffee, one good, low-key bar, and good people, I'm happy wherever. Access to water is nice too. Otherwise I leave this sort of thing to Marta.

MB / Dream house for me is open, warm, with wood floors, lots of greenery, a place for a hammock and is located on a quiet street with good neighbors.