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I first met Zach and Rhain when they lived in Atlanta. A few years ago they moved up to Nashville into a bungalow full of original details and character. They made it into a space that reflects who they are and did it up right for Christmas. 

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When it's nice outside, you can find us on our front porch pretty much every afternoon/evening when we're at home.

All of the doors are original. The house was built in 1920, so the doors are so substantial and the hardware is just so cool!

The patterned chair was my Granny's, and my Grandpa made the ottoman to match. We recovered the set & now it fits perfectly in our house.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love how warm & cozy decorations make our house.

The dining room set (table & chairs, buffet, china cabinet, and sideboard) was my great-great grandmothers. It was likely built in the late 1800's, which is the reason it's lasted all of these years. 

Finding window treatments that didn't completely cover up the beautiful original windows & trim was a little difficult, so my mom and I made these for the dining room.

We got to be a part of the renovation process when we bought our house. We were able to choose paint colors, bathroom flooring & tiling, lighting, and a handful of other details. Our chandelier & these pendants are from Rejuvenation.

You can see the detail in the woodwork of the dining room chairs here. The lamps atop the buffet were made by my Grandpa in the early '60's. They're made of walnut, and they are perfect!

This is another part of the the dining room set. Its original use was a china cabinet, but we use it as a bookshelf. The candlestick holder was my Granny's, and it's solid brass. She picked it up in Turkey while my Grandpa was stationed there. 

In the living room and dining room, we have several Vanity Fair prints hanging. My mom has always been a collector of these prints, and over the years, she's gifted a handful to us! That's an elk antler that my sister's neighbor was so kind to give me!

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen when friends are over. We both are drawn to kitchens in most houses. I cook a lot, so I love that it's open and cozy at the same time.

Before renovation started, this brick wall was enclosed behind walls, which is so SAD! We were both so excited when the builder told us about it, and were obviously in LOVE with it the first time we saw it in person.

The trunk belonged to my grandma, Mom-Mom. It was in her bedroom, full of afghans and blankets. Every time I open it, the smell takes me back to being a kid at her house.

These chairs were made by my Grandpa, Pepaw, in the early 1960's. We had them recovered, and I love them! I picked the mirror out of my parent's neighbor's trash (with their permission, of course). My mom and I made the window treatments.

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Zach + Rhain Brown



We own and run The Majestic Photobooth Co. We design and manufacture classic-style photobooths for rental and sale. We also create customized photo activations for corporate and marketing events.  Zach is in charge of operations and marketing aspects of the business. Rhain works with Zach on marketing, but primarily handles day-to-day business to keep the company running - bookkeeping, compliance, customer service, and many more behind the scenes tasks. Zach also plays guitar for the band A Thousand horses. 



ZB + RB / Lawrenceville, Georgia


Current Town:



Favorite Book:

RB / Harry Potter

ZB / A Farewell to Arms


Favorite Movie:

RB / The Princess Bride & classic Christmas movies

ZB / Lord of the Rings


Favorite Band:

RB / Jeff Buckley & The Beatles

ZB / Kings of Leon


Favorite TV Show:


ZB / The Apprentice


Favorite Restaurant:

RB / DeSano Pizza Bakery

ZB / Trader Vic's


Favorite place you have traveled to:

We took a trip to Spain last year for our 5th anniversary. Neither of us had ever been to Europe, so it was really exciting! We saw so much beautiful & interesting architecture, drank a ton of Spanish wine, and were almost always confused by the language. Granada & Seville were my favorite cities that we visited.


Next destination on your list to travel to:

I really would like to take a 2 month trip to Europe...a staycation, where we basically just relocate our life for a couple of months. We'd rent an apartment in a "homebase" for the entire time, so that we could work, cook, and carry on with our normal day-to-day routines. We would take day trips and weekend trips to explore other cities! Maybe 2014 will be the year for this!


What you like about your city:

Nashville is such an exciting place to be right now! It's growing so much, and it's cool to be a part of that. We love our neighborhood (Lockeland Springs) in East Nashville for all the unique craftsman and Victorian houses and for the walkability to lots of great bars and restaurants. Not to mention, we can go Honky-Tonkin' downtown anytime we want!


Reason for moving into current home:

Location was a big deal for us when we were house hunting, and our house is in the perfect location for us. The first time we saw the house, we both fell in LOVE with all of the original dark wood trim, doors and windows inside the house. The floors are original pine, and they're also so beautiful! It really was/is the perfect house for us!  


Design origins:

We inherited so many beautiful pieces of furniture, so most of our decor is kind of inspired from those pieces. We love rich, warm, inviting spaces, so this has shaped a lot of our design decisions. Also, we both tend to prefer a mostly masculine aesthetic, which is reflected throughout our house. Anddd, Dumbledore's office has always been an inspiration to us. (no joke!)


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:

RB / This is so hard! There are so many pieces that I love! I think I'd have to say the mid-century modern lamps on our buffet and the two chairs in our office. My grandfather, Peepaw, made all these pieces in an Air Force base wood shop, while he was stationed in Colorado in the early 60's. They're made of cedar, and they craftsmanship is just beautiful. Unfortunately, he passed away before I was born, so I never got the chance to meet him. It's special to me to have these beautiful works of art that he created with his own two hands...in my own home! I also think about my then 13-year old dad, bouncing around, using this stuff, and it brings a smile to my face!

ZB / I love the mid-century modern chairs that were built by Rhain's grandfather. We reupholstered them and they're perfect for sipping a Manhattan and listening to some music.


Biggest challenges with your space:

Not particularly. It's a pretty practical and straight-forward space!

Dream house and city:

An old castle that's been remodeled to have all the proper amenities...and that has a library. So...basically, what I'm saying...Hogwarts is our dream house. ;)