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Credit where credit is due. There would be no Brick+Mortar without Kate Davison. When Kate lived in Atlanta she had a space at a local antique shop and she wanted out and a couple of friends and I wanted to try it out so she let us take over. Fast forward a year and somehow Brick+Mortar is still going and Kate is on the blog. Kate and Jesse live in a flat in The Mission and have a great mix of antiques, family heirlooms, and mid century pieces. And it all works really well together. All photos were taken by Colin Price

You enter into the house through the living room, so we needed it to be inviting, as well as a well-organized space for foot traffic. The custom sectional sofa was a perfect fit and serves as a guest bed when needed. 

Jesse had the brilliant idea to keep a white theme with the mantle in the living room. It was a little too proper for our taste, so we tried to pare it down and keep it simple. It’s a collection in the process, but includes a gifted Jonathan Adler piece, a plaster cast of an old Clorox bottle and a bust of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

The print on the wall is a Kime Buzzelli drawing, an artist from Los Angeles. 

The vintage bookshelf was a thrift store find. The shelves hold Jesse’s collection of design books and his record player, as well as Kate’s history and English books (including a Bickford-Smith copy of Jane Eyre). The Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers were a Christmas gift from Jesse to Kate. 

The corner gallery wall in the living room incorporates pieces of both Jesse and Kate’s. The Castro Theatre print is from a local artist’s collaboration, Lab Partners. The portrait was hand drawn by artist, Andrei Bouzikov. The Napoleon print and the hand- lettered French perfume box were both gifts from Kate’s siblings. 

The dining table was a craigslist purchase and we painted the lower edge of the table with a band of white to break up the heaviness of the piece. We really enjoy the mix-matched chairs that we have collected. Jesse’s great grandfather painted the dog portrait that was placed in the dining room. 

You can see the layout of the flat in this picture. Each room is connected to the next, straight into the bedroom, which is accessed through the kitchen. 

Oh the kitchen! We (mainly Jesse) spend a fair amount of time here making drinks, cooking dinner or hand washing dishes, as we don’t have a dishwasher. The floor runner was a purchase from Crate and Barrel and the knives on the wall were a product of several trips to swap meets and antique fairs. 

This ledge serves as a mini coffee bar for us in the morning. The light fixture was crafted by Jesse using various Edison bulbs. 

One of Kate’s favorite things about the kitchen is the open shelving. We have collected so many jars and bottles to store food and supplies in. The vintage decanters were a Christmas gift to Jesse from Kate. 

The cutting board in the shape of the state of Georgia was a housewarming gift from Kate’s SFBFF. 

We decided to let the original wainscoting serve as our headboard in the bedroom. The “handsome men” above the bed were an Etsy purchase and the brass lamp was Kate’s great grandfather’s. The hardware on the nightstand is from Anthropologie. The flour sack was an estate sale find, lovingly made into a pillow by Kate’s sister. 

The dinosaur bookends were a handmade Christmas gift from Kate’s sister, a prized possession for sure. 

The chest was handmade in Argentina and was given to Kate by a man that was hauling it out to the trash back in Georgia. 

The original soapstone sink and the six foot long wooden dowels in the bathroom was one of the many selling points of the apartment. 

The claw foot tub and the rainfall shower head are truly a favorite. We decided to just use clear shower curtains as to not block the wonderful light that the bathroom gets during the day. 


Our garden space is a rarity in San Francisco. We have really enjoyed the extension of the apartment and it makes you feel like you are a world away from our busy little city. 



Kate Davison + Jesse Hayes



KLD / Executive assistant

JJH / Graphic designer



KLD / Douglasville, GA

JJH / Fullerton, CA


Current Town:

San Francisco


Favorite Book:

KLD / Jane Eyre

JJH / Fahrenheit 451


Favorite Movie:

KLD / Gone With The Wind

JJH / North By Northwest


Favorite Band:

KLD / Radiohead

JJH / Jawbreaker


Favorite TV Show:

KLD / Downton Abbey

JJH / Seinfeld


Favorite Restaurant:

KLD / Subway (yep, no shame)

JJH / L'Ardoise SF


Favorite place you have traveled to:

We love to camp, so most of our trips revolve around a campfire. We have visited Big Sur, Yosemite and Angel Island, a small island in the San Francisco bay that is only accessible by ferry… but Yosemite is the most awe inspiring and we keep planning trips there, so I suppose that would be our favorite. 


Next destination on your list to travel to:

KLD / I would travel nonstop if I could, but if I had to make a short list Machu Picchu would be my first choice, followed by an extensive list of places including France, Iceland and Seychelles.

JJH / London and Japan.


What you like about your city:

We love the diversity, the weather and being in such close proximity to so many beautiful places. One of our new favorite things to do on the weekend is take the motorcycle down the coast on Highway 1.


Reason for moving into current home:

For anyone that doesn't know, finding an apartment in San Francisco can be a competitive nightmare. Crazy rent prices, countless applications, apartment viewings with lines out of the door and the high chance of someone offering more rent in cash than the listing price just to score the space. We viewed the apartment just out of curiosity because it was literally around the corner from my last place. We were both smitten the minute we walked in. Fifteen minutes after meeting the landlords, they said we would be perfect and asked when we could move in, which is totally unheard of in this city. And of course we couldn't ask for a more perfect apartment. The light is perfect. The location is perfect. And the original details are so amazing. 


Design origins:

Jesse and I have similar tastes overall, although he tends to like the midcentury modern feel a little more than I do; however, our combined collections, as well as the pieces we have purchased together are a perfect mix. Southern girl. West coast boy. 


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:

KLD / I moved to SF from Atlanta almost two years ago and I pretty much brought everything super important with me, besides my dogs and my sister. I have my great grandmother's trunks, my grandmother's library table and my mother's wardrobe, just to name a few. I wanted to surround myself with familiar treasures, as this was going to be my home away from home. This approach has totally helped with my transition, so whenever I get a little homesick, all I have to do is look around me. 

JJH / It was really important that I had a creative work space in our new home. I wanted a place where I could work on my freelance design work, as well as my music. One of my favorite pieces in the house is my desk, which was made by a friend here in SF www.jeremiahcollection.com. I collect vintage black and white photos and we have a pinboard covered in photos behind my monitor. It's my favorite corner of the house. 


Biggest challenges with your space:

We have only lived here for two months, so we haven't quite tackled all of the challenges yet, but we are enjoying the many projects at hand. One issue that continues to vex us is that the bedroom shares a wall with the kitchen and has exposed gas and water pipes. Their placement makes having any furniture on that wall pretty much impossible. 


Dream house and city:

Easy. An english country house with loads of natural light please.