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I first met Lesley through her sister and knew of the Graham's home only through photos. They were generous enough to let us come in and photograph their home and we wanted to focus on pieces that had history and were important to them. They have some amazing family heirlooms and Sam creates hand crafted leather goods so we focused on those things. Although their home is really well designed, I think the thing that makes their home so peaceful and comfortable is that they surround themselves with things that matter and not just things that look good. It helps that all the things that matter to them also look good though. 

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 01.jpg

This trunk is a WW2 relic. Sam's Dad's belongings were shipped in it. It withstood a good bit of water damage after their home was hit by Katrina but I love its history. We now keep lots of blankets in there.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 06.jpg

We just recently painted this wall black to make the TV less obvious. That dresser was an estate sale find and a gift for Mother's day. I love its stylish good looks and that it holds tons of DVDs and our cable box and DVD player.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 08.jpg

The ceramic hardware is original and one of the reasons I really wanted it. 

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 14.jpg

We just finished this gallery wall. It's a collection of mirrors, antlers, and some new pieces by Sugarboo Designs, a local company. It's one of my favorite walls in the house.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 11.jpg

Our china cabinet was built by my Great Grandfather and Grandfather. It's made of walnut and SUPER heavy. It is so precious to me and holds just about everything. I'm so thankful that my family is creative and has given us some pretty amazing heirlooms.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 17.jpg

These panoramic photos were of Sam's Dad's fleet in WW2. People are always shocked to find out that Sam's Dad could have fought in that war and it's a wonderful reminder to us as we leave the house of the men and women fighting for our freedom.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 21.jpg

Sam started making leather goods right around the time that Matilda (our oldest daughter) was born. Magnolia Leather Works specializes in rugged leather goods and if it were up to Sam, I'm pretty sure he would only make retro cowboy-style holsters. He can make just about anything, it's really amazing.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 25.jpg

This is a collection of tools and holsters that Sam has made. Each piece is really a work of art.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 31.jpg

The girls' bathroom was something I started dreaming up as soon as we started our renovation. We added the entire upstairs and spent most of our budget there. My wonderful grandfather helped us build this sink table and the floor came about after tile was no longer an option. If I was going to do vinyl, I wanted it to be obvious and kind of wild. People love these birch floors. I wanted it to be a bathroom that would work in their teen years too.

Brick+Mortar Lesley Graham House Tour 38.jpg

Sam made this awesome barn door gate for our stairs to keep our baby from harm, it also doubles for hiding laundry that gets left on the stairs all week. When working with the architect I really fought to have stairs at the entrance (we had a few options). I'm glad I went with my gut because I love how pretty they turned out.

This photo was shot by  Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn  for  HGTV .

This photo was shot by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn for HGTV.


Sam and Lesley Graham



SG  / Marketing

LG / Blogger



SG  / Pascagoula, MS

LG  / Marietta, GA


Current town

SG+LG/ Marietta, GA


Favorite book

SG  / The Forever War

LG  / Celebration of Discipline


Favorite movie

SG  / Star Wars

LG  / Clueless


Favorite TV show

SG  / Walking Dead

LG  / Currently Scandal


Favorite restaurant

SG  / Williamson Bros BBQ

LG  / Sun in My Belly


Favorite place you have traveled to:

SG  / Mexico / Scotland

LG  / Edinburgh/Costa Rica


Next destination on your list to travel to:

SG  / New Zealand

LG  / Tulum + Sweden + Amsterdam + New Zealand (can't pick just one!)


What you like about your city:

We love the historic charm + small town feel that's not far from the city. We also love the square and being able to walk to shops and restaurants or to grab coffee. Our neighborhood is tight knit and old-fashioned and we love that.


Reason for moving into current home:

We feel like this house chose us. When Lesley was almost 9 months pregnant we took a tour of the house, which her Dad was originally going to flip and fell in love with it. The kitchen windows sealed the deal. We started renovating a month later and the rest is history!


Design origins:

Our house was built in 1910 on a former pecan farm. We wanted this sort of modern farmhouse feel and that set the tone for most of the design decisions.


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:

SG  / My mom made a bunch of quilts...actually she started a bunch of quilts, but passed away before she could finish them.  One of her best friends from college finished the quilts for us.  They're my favorite things in the house.

LG  / I would say it's a toss between the black and white needlepoint Sam's Mom made and the china cabinet built by my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.


Biggest challenges with your space:

Luckily we've handled most of the main challenges but now I think the biggest challenge is tackling the mini projects with two little ones. :)


Dream house and city:

I don't know that Sam and I would agree here. He would say "somewhere with a lot of land" and I would love to live in Big Sur. We'd probably agree on Charleston or Savannah. We like the south.