Featured Item / Vitascope Projector

About six months ago I went to an estate sale and was fortunate enough to meet Jamie and Maurice. They were planning a move to be with their kids and had an estate sale to clear out their belongings for the move. When I met Maurice we talked for about an hour and I could have spent all day with him. He worked for Howard Hughes for decades and he was the first person to put movies on airplanes. His career gave him a passion for film and he accumulated a basement full of cameras and projectors. When I first went down to his basement it was beautiful and almost shocking. Shelves and shelves of cameras and projectors in pristine condition. All documented and never used. He knew everything about every piece. He took me around the basement and talked to me about every piece I asked about. He remembered where he got every one of them and knew all the specs for each one. That day I bought about ten pieces and then came back when the sale ended and bought the rest of his collection which was about three hundred pieces. I sold most of them but have about twenty left after I kept some for myself. This is one of the cooler pieces. It's a Vitascope projector which was one of the earliest film projectors and it still has the original cloth wrapped cord. For purchase in the shop now by clicking here

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