Home Tour / Billy Jack + Sara

I first met the Brawners over Instagram months ago but was finally able to meet them in person a couple weeks ago when they came to Atlanta. They are some of the best folks you could meet and they are the kind of people you feel like you've known for years when all you know about each other is through social media. They have a great apartment in Austin and have made it into a reflection of who they are.

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Billy Jack and Sara Brawner



BJB / Caretaker/Photographer/Designer/Barista

SB / Nanny/Event Planner



BJB / Martin's Mill, Texas

SB / Wimberley, Texas.


Current town

BJB+SB/ Austin, Texas


Favorite book

BJB / Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl by N.D. Wilson

SB / The Fruit Of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson


Favorite movie

BJB / Into The Wild

SB / Currently, The Warrior


Favorite band

BJB / James Vincent McMorrow + Andrew Peterson

SB / Iron & Wine


Favorite TV show

BJB / The Office

SB / The Office


Favorite restaurant

BJB / Currently, Fabi + Rosi

SB / Elizabeth St. Cafe


Favorite place you have traveled to:

BJB / Morocco

SB / England

Together / Oregon Coast


Next destination on your list to travel to:

BJB / Argentina

SB / Iceland


What you like about your city:

Austin is nice. We really like Barton Springs and the breakfast tacos. We have an incredible group of friends here, and being close in proximity to family has been nice as well. This is actually Sara's first time to live in a city, so she's really enjoying that.


Reason for moving into current home:

We organize community events (happy hours, holiday parties, etc.) for our building and, in return,  get discounted rent. Basically, we plan parties with someone else's money and get to live in a place that we otherwise could never afford. We chose our specific unit for its high ceilings, windows, and spare bedroom.


Design origins:

My family is pretty creative. My mom and sisters put quite a bit of thought and effort into their homes. We both really enjoy a simple and clean aesthetic. We like to host folks. We like for things to make sense, to be practical. We like nature, so our home is kinda woodsy. Is Simple Woodsy a style?


Favorite or most meaningful piece in your home:

BJB / It's tough. I feel like quite a bit of our stuff has a lot of my heart and soul in it (as goofy as that sounds). I'd say the mountain-scene painting that we found at a thrift store in Portland. I like it because it's beautiful and reminds me of a trip that was also beautiful.  That trip was a game-changer of sorts for our life and marriage. It was also somewhat challenging to fly home with it.

SB / A three-way tie: The dining table because BJ built it and it's so fun to eat around it with friends.The aspen stumps because we got them in Denver (where we met) and because we used them in our wedding, and now they serve as such practical pieces in our home. The side-table-stump by our couch. BJ found the stump in a riverbed in Tulsa, put it in a freezer for three months to kill all the junk, and attached some legs to it. It's awesome


Biggest challenges with your space:

It's a recently built apartment building, so there are challenges regarding that. Ugly light fixtures. Ugly built-ins. Ugly carpet in the bedrooms. As well as a lack of freedom to do all that we would like to do with the space if it was truly our own.


Dream house and city:

We talk a lot about this. Currently we would love to live in the country. We'd like a good piece of land and a modest house: big kitchen, big dining area, big living area, porch(es), small room for us, 2 big rooms for our boys and girls to share, and a guest room. (If you want me to be more specific, then I can send you the sketches of our dream home and you can picture it in the Texas Hill Country, East Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, or Oregon.)