Playlist / Dancing With The Huxtables

So this playlist was inspired by that scene in The Cosby Show when the family gets together to lip sync and dance to "Night Time Is The Right Time" by Ray Charles. It got me thinking what it would be like to be one of the Huxtables. I love my family and would never want another one, but hypothetically, if I were to be born into another family I would absolutely want it to be the Huxtables. If I were a Huxtable I would learn life lessons everyday and go to school and have my friends over and eat meals with my family. And we would dance. A lot. I'm a horrible dancer but I will dance at every wedding or party or Bar Mitzfah or prom that you invite me to, so this hypothetical life with the Huxtables sounds amazing. 


This playlist is for all those moments when I am a Huxtable and I'm dancing with my family. 


Hallelujah I Love Her So - Ray Charles

Night Time Is The Right Time - Ray Charles

ABC - Jackson 5

You Cant Hurry Love - The Supremes

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye

I Want You Back - Jackson 5

Heat Wave - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

I've Got A Woman - Ray Charles

Little Bitty Pretty One - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

Mess Around - Ray Charles

Respect - Aretha Franklin

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

Do You Love Me - The Contours 

Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye

Think - Aretha Franklin