Stuff I Like / Objects of Use

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was able to visit Oxford earlier this year. This was my second time to this city and it's pretty much everything you imagine in your head. Harry Potter. Higher learning. Loads of pubs. British people. And home to one of my favorite shops Objects of Use  



The thing I love about this shop is how simple it is and how they explain what is important about the design in their products. I think people have a tendency to like things simply because they are expensive or because they have a name attached to them and we have forgotten how to understand quality and design. 



 Everything in this shop is useful, per their name, and very well designed. They try and source things as much as they can from the UK and Europe but it's not about being made in England, it's about finding the most well designed products from all over the world. Some of their products are really expensive but there is a reason for it and they will explain why. 

I dont get excited about a lot of homegoods and towels and such but for those who do, this shop is pretty spot on. You'll find something you will probably need. My favorite thing there, as simple as it may seem is this amazing ruler. It seems so ordinary but once you learn about the design and construction it becomes something more than a ruler.

"A downy birch ten section folding rule from Sweden, with precise steel hinges and brass end-caps. Downy birch is fine grained and retains it's strength and flexibility even in thin sections, hence it's common use in high grade plywoods. Virtually unchanged since Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén constructed his first folding rule in 1883, these are now constructed and tested to exacting standards, with a deviation of no more than ±0.0007% over 2 metres."

So, next time you find yourself in Oxford, go visit. It's right around the corner from the best cookies you'll ever have at Ben's Cookie's and The Missing Bean, where you may see Thom Yorke (or so someone told me).